CaterSpeed’s aim is simple: to bring you catering equipment fast, at great prices. We aim to have the highest levels of availability, to bring you most convenient ordering experience possible.

Speed really is the heart of our mission. That’s why, as long as you order before 4pm,  you should receive 1 – 2 working delivery (excluding weekends) – at a very reasonable cost.

We want everybody to know that, for catering equipment, CaterSpeed is the answer. Here is a summary of what you can expect to find:

Tableware & Bar:
Explore the full spectrum of crockery, and team it with your ideal cutlery and impressive glassware. Styles vary between brands, allowing you to create the look you want. Whether stocking up on plates and bowls for event catering and canteens, or simply bringing a touch of sophistication to your family mealtimes with luxurious 18/10 stainless steel knives and forks, Caterspeed will help you set the table.

Kitchen & Storage:
Cater for large events and small projects alike with our enviable range of cookware and kitchen utensils. Your kitchen is your toolbox, and with our array of pots, pans, cutters and openers you will be prepared for anything. A galaxy of utensils and equipment for home baking invite you to get your creative juices flowing in the kitchen – and Caterspeed is always on hand, ready to help.

For one-use disposables, this section is the place to be. explore cupcake cases and disposable icing piping bags for your delectable creations, as well as bulk packs of coffee cups and matching lids for catering to coffee lovers. Consumables are in a state of flux, with an increasing presence of biodegradable materials being used. Caterspeed is leading the way, and was an early adopter of this environmentally-conscious new approach to consumables. Word of the new brands has been spreading fast across the catering sector, to the point where the new breed of cups are now commonplace – after all, who hasn’t had a Fiesta Green cup handed to them at their favourite kiosk?

Cleaning & Hygiene
Cleanliness of all areas of food sotorage, preparation and serving are especially under the microscope in recent times – but any caterer will point out that they have always taken kitchen hygiene very seriously! Contribute to the fightback with our formidable assortment of cleaning chemicals, surface wipes, insect killers, ins signs and cleaning equipment. Whether serving the public or your family food critics, Caterspeed will help to keep your kitchen sparkling, spotless and safe.

Catering Appliances
One’s culinary talents can only take them so far. The right tools and machinery will take them the rest of the way. There is no substitute for an industrial-grade stick bender, no other way of cooking business-sized batches than with a large combo oven, and no easier way to bring the sparkles back than with a warewasher. Caterspeed will help you to work hard doing what you always do best, while the catering appliances take care of the hard work!

The best catering furniture goes almost unnoticed. This is because the right choice of chairs and tables will blend seamlessly with their surroundings. There are many avenues to explore, including catering-style tables, continental-style tabletops and bases for al fresco adventures and elegant padded chairs for the more formal setting. And for those wishing to bring a touch of the bistro to their breakfast, this furniture looks just as at home in the home!