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Buffalo Kitchen Blenders

Buffalo Bar Blender 2-5Ltr (CR836)

£224.99 (£269.99 inc. VAT)
£355.25 (£426.30 inc. VAT)
£260.51 (£312.61 inc. VAT)
£378.93 (£454.72 inc. VAT)

Bar Blenders & Smoothie Makers

Buffalo Milkshake Mixer (CT938)

£118.41 (£142.09 inc. VAT)

Bar Blenders & Smoothie Makers

Buffalo Twin Head Milkshake Mixer (CY423)

£177.62 (£213.14 inc. VAT)
£236.83 (£284.20 inc. VAT)
£284.20 (£341.04 inc. VAT)
£307.88 (£369.46 inc. VAT)

Caterlite Hand Mixer

Caterlite Hand Mixer (BW002)

£29.59 (£35.51 inc. VAT)

Bar Blenders & Smoothie Makers

Comelle Thick Shake Mix 1Ltr Pack of 12 (HN932)

£45.47 (£54.56 inc. VAT)


The blender can prove an important piece of equipment in any catering business for preparing both food and drink items. If you’re looking to introduce new items to a menu or increase the blending potential at your disposal, the range of products at CaterSpeed could be the solution. From upright bar blenders to manual stick blender devices, these devices and everything in between are available to order on-site.

Blenders Product Range

There are plenty of different devices to check out amongst the catering appliances here, so you are sure to find the right blender for your catering company. Blender devices could be used for a number of different reasons, and the various products contain their own features to suit these roles. The Waring MX bar blender, for example, features an extra jug, allowing staff to blend multiple ingredients during busy periods, which can help ensure a smooth service.

Along with the standard blender products, there are various other tools for whisking, mixing, ricing and much more available on-site. The Dynamic Master Stick blender and whisk combi is perfect for a range of kitchen tasks, with interchangeable whisk and blender attachments to suit the task at hand. The range of products available at CaterSpeed varies from classic hand mixers to bar blenders & smoothie makers, ideal for drink preparation!

Features and Benefits of Blenders

The blender products we offer are ideal for anybody looking to blend, puree, whisk, mash, or emulsify food or drink items. Adding appliances like the Dualit VortecS blender to your catering business can greatly improve the range of products on offer and the capacity to which they can be produced.

These devices contain detachable jugs and tool attachments that make changing the use of a blender and cleaning it a quick and easy task. Utensils like the Dynamix cordless stick blender offer the same great blending without the restriction of wires.

Buy Blenders at CaterSpeed

The huge variety of blender devices on offer at CaterSpeed is great for anyone looking to increase their catering ability. All devices we have in stock can be delivered to your door the very next day if the order is placed before 4 PM, which is great for workers in the fast-paced service industry.

The list of catering appliances and products we offer doesn’t end there; from furniture to tableware and bar equipment, everything your catering business could need is available here.