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Air Conditioning

The phrase ‘If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen’ is something we disagree with wholeheartedly here at CaterSpeed. In any environment where food preparation and storage are taking place, the temperature needs to be manageable for the sake of both hygiene and the people working. This is where the brilliant range of air conditioning units that we provide can prove helpful in keeping any professional kitchen cool and comfortable before, during and after service!

Air Conditioning Range

The air conditioning units available from CaterSpeed come in a range of sizes, meaning there is something to suit any kitchen. The popular Britannia Refresh air conditioning units are available; these can be found in many of the best professional kitchens worldwide. All of these air conditioning units, including the smaller Britannia Refresh Mini, feature freestanding capabilities, allowing kitchen staff to place their air conditioner in any place it is needed. The polished stainless steel used here provides a stylish, easy-to-clean finish that is sure to look great in any professional setting.

Those looking to control the temperature and airflow of a larger kitchen may prefer products like the Britannia Refresh Midi or Britannia Refresh Maxi Recirculation Units. These kitchen air conditioning units can stand above the hottest part of a kitchen, like fryers and ovens, keeping the exterior cool and well-ventilated.

Features and Benefits of Air Conditioning

Along with keeping the kitchen setting cool and clear for staff, these air-conditioning devices can help remove odours from the cooking equipment positioned below. The filtration process in these products can remove grease, fine particles, smoke and odours from the kitchen, ensuring a clear and clean cooking environment. These air conditioners are electrically powered using standard plug sockets, so can be used almost immediately without the need for any installation.

Air Conditioning at CaterSpeed

If you’re looking for a new air conditioning unit, the products and service from CaterSpeed have received great reviews from a number of professional catering workers. There is a huge selection of catering equipment to look through on-site besides air conditioning items, from food and beverage consumables to stylish canteen furniture to suit any venue. All of the equipment needed to create or update a professional kitchen space can be found here at CaterSpeed.

We offer a next working day delivery guarantee at CaterSpeed on all stocked items ordered before 4 PM!