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Food Prep Machines

To ensure the quality never drops during busy periods, food preparation is vital for catering companies. There are plenty of tools available at CaterSpeed that can assist industry workers in their food prep before and during a service. There is no replacement for the skill and knowledge of a good chef, though these food prep devices can help kitchen workers keep service running smoothly at all times of the day.

Food Prep Machines Product Range

There is a huge range of food prep machines here at CaterSpeed, from the Anova vacuum sealer device that keeps prepped food fresh to juicers, pasta makers and more! These products are labour-saving devices that save time preparing food items in the kitchen and create a more standard product with items like the Beaumont single burger press. Whether you specialise in pastries or desserts, fresh juice or cocktails, the food prep machines here can save time and effort in keeping customer waiting times down.

Catering companies looking to keep food lasting longer and cutting waste may be looking for dehydrators available on-site. The potential for food prep devices is a lot larger than just keeping food fresh and contains devices like mixers, choppers, mincers, processors and peelers to aid in food prep.

Features and Benefits of Food Prep Devices

The number of advantages to using food prep machines in the service industry is countless, as there are a variety of devices included here that serve different purposes. Items like the Sammic 10 cubic m/hr ultra vacuum pack machine are ideal for chefs looking to safely store food items to last longer with a lower risk of contamination in storage. Other products like the Buffalo multi purpose veg prep machine or Caterlite food processor can prove vital in preparing food before service begins.

The features of these tools can also vary, though many electrical items include a lightweight feel and plug to fit in common UK sockets, great for countertop use. The stylish finish and easy-to-clean, detachable setup in many items can add a hygienic food prep machine to any kitchen.

Buy Food Prep Machines at CaterSpeed

If any of the devices mentioned above are what you’re looking for, the selection of food prep machines at CaterSpeed could be a great place to start. Whether you are looking for a vacuum pack machine or an electric mixer, all of the professional machines at CaterSpeed could be delivered to your door the very next day.

There are plenty more catering equipment products to look through on site, from catering appliances to kitchen & storage solutions.