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Hotel Supplies

Along with the great variety of catering appliances that we have on offer, this section is full of supplies for hotel rooms and cleaning procedures! These items are vital for the customer experience and general upkeep of a hotel, apartment, bed and breakfast or any residential business. Whether you’re looking to replace a room appliance or maintenance tool, the range at CaterSpeed is sure to have what you need.

Hotel Supplies Product Range

The small details in a room can make a big difference to the experience of guests; these little additions are included in the selection of items here at CaterSpeed. This could be something as small as a Nescafe Original coffee in the morning with a working kettle and ceramic cup to drink from. These items can also fill the space of a room to appear more homely with items like the amenities tray, tissue holder, and Bolero wooden suitcase stand visible across the room.

Along with the room decorations and extras, we have equipment for the cleaning staff of an establishment on offer, including the all-important Jantex housekeeping trolley. This can be used to wheel all of the cleaning equipment from room to room and empty the bins of each room into a large built-in compartment. These trolleys are available with or without doors to keep all of the tools and equipment inside the trolley as it is wheeled from room to room.

Features and Benefits of Hotel Supplies

The use of hotel supplies available from CaterSpeed can keep numerous rooms running smoothly and successfully. The various guest utensils, like the Deluxe black and chrome hair dryer included, can improve customer experience, leading to greater reviews and maybe even returned visits.

Other utensils like the housekeeping trolley and spare Jantex braked castors can help staff carry their variety of cleaning apparatus around the hotel

Buy Hotel Supplies at CaterSpeed

If you are looking to implement any of the products mentioned above or for any other hotel supplies delivered to you, the range at CaterSpeed is worth checking out. These products can ensure a clean and pleasant experience for guests whether they are staying for a single night or longer. The next working day delivery available on many products we offer ordered before 4 PM is great for busy hosts looking to restock their venue.

There is plenty more professional catering equipment on site to look through, from consumables to kitchen & storage equipment!