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Utensil Washers

Ensuring the cleanliness of all utensils used in food and drink is a priority for any company looking to grow or maintain a solid reputation in the catering industry. This can be made easier thanks to the great range of professional utensil washers at CaterSpeed that are available to order online. Whether you are a small cafe or kitchen looking to lower the workload each day or a busy restaurant that needs utensils cleaning quickly during a busy service, we have the system for you.

Utensil Washers Product Range

One of the many great catering appliances that we provide here at CaterSpeed, the utensil washers can be vital in keeping service running smoothly. These are able to clean a number of utensils needed in a working kitchen and the front of house using a rinse temperature of 82 deg C to ensure a hygienic finish for all utensils. Products like the Winterhalter Utensil Washer UF-L system are able to clean 40 racks of utensils per hour, with each rack sized 612 x 627 mm fitting pots, pans and other utensils.

Catering companies with less space may want to look at the smaller utensil cleaner products on offer, such as the Winterhalter Undercounter Utensil Washer. These systems provide the same great cleaning on a smaller scale, producing 38 racks an hour of cooking utensils, crockery and even cutlery. Another great option for commercial kitchen utensil cleaning is the Winterhalter Utensil Washer UF-M Energy, which provides energy-efficient and effective cleaning!

Features and Benefits of Utensil Washers

These utensil washers are great for any size kitchen to keep equipment clean whilst minimising the time spent by staff doing so. This can keep a busy kitchen running smoothly during the busiest services and ensure all utensils are cleaned thoroughly between use with soap and water heated between 60 and 85 deg C. Freestanding devices like the Winterhalter Utensil Washer UF-M can be positioned anywhere in a kitchen connected to a source of electricity and water.

Buy Utensil Washers at CaterSpeed

All of the utensil washer systems at CaterSpeed can be ordered for delivery and dropped off at your door, great for busy catering companies without the time to pick up a machine. These can drastically increase efficiency in the kitchens and ensure only clean, hygienic utensils are used to cook and serve food.

There is a huge variety of other catering products available from CaterSpeed, from cleaning and hygiene products to tableware and kitchen storage.