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Water Softeners

Amongst the great range of catering devices that we offer, there is some equipment that can prolong their effectiveness, resulting in a more successful and efficient kitchen. The water softeners available from CaterSpeed can improve the water quality in a kitchen and reduce limescale buildups in equipment. Sometimes, the catering appliances used to ensure a fully functioning, high-quality catering service are the ones that aren’t actively used.

Water Softeners Product Range

We have a great variety of different water softener devices available on-site that can be added to both hot and cold water pipes to ensure the water quality is consistent. The 8-litre manual water softener weighs 7kg and can be positioned wherever required, thanks to its freestanding capability. This device can reduce or remove the concentration of minerals in water before use to avoid scale buildups and even improve the effectiveness of soap and detergent in dishwashers.

Larger catering businesses may be looking for automatic water softeners to keep check of the water supply of a kitchen. One such device is the Classeq Automatic External Cold Feed Water Softener, which can keep water appliances in great working order by automatically regenerating during downtimes. If you’re looking to regulate the water supply of a catering company or kitchen, these water softeners are a great option.

Features and Benefits of Water Softeners

These water softeners are vital in both ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of catering appliances and the taste of water used in drinks and food. Many large catering firms will use separate automatic water softener hot feed and cold feed devices, whilst smaller kitchens may opt for a single system to regulate both hot and cold water.

Amongst the range of water softener devices that we have available, there are products to suit businesses of all needs and sizes. From the manual Classeq 8 litre base exchange external water softener to more advanced systems.

Buy Water Softeners at CaterSpeed

The benefit of using water softeners in a catering environment relates to both the water taste and use in cooking and cleaning are very clear. If you’re looking to implement one of the great products we offer in your kitchen, they can be delivered straight to the door, saving both time and effort of staff.

There are plenty more vital catering supplies available on-site, from consumables to tableware and bar equipment!