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Bolero Barrier Systems

Barrier Post Sign Frame (CF131)

£84.63 (£101.56 inc. VAT)
£37.64 (£45.17 inc. VAT)

Bolero Barrier Systems

Bolero Barrier Rope (Y806)

£37.88 (£45.46 inc. VAT)

Bolero Barrier Systems

Bolero Black Canvas Barrier (CF137)

£100.50 (£120.60 inc. VAT)
£44.99 (£53.99 inc. VAT)
£22.49 (£26.99 inc. VAT)

Bolero Barrier Systems

Bolero Chrome Wall Fixing (Y733)

£10.53 (£12.64 inc. VAT)
£94.72 (£113.66 inc. VAT)

Bolero Barrier Systems

Bolero Flat Top Barrier Post (DF010)

£130.25 (£156.30 inc. VAT)

Bolero Barrier Systems

Bolero Green Canvas Barrier (CG222)

£100.50 (£120.60 inc. VAT)
£40.78 (£48.94 inc. VAT)

Barrier Systems

Barrier systems have become an integral part of the furniture setup in many catering and hospitality environments. Serving a dual purpose of crowd control and area demarcation, these systems complement essential catering appliances and enhance the overall organisation and functionality of spaces. CaterSpeed offers a selection of barrier systems, focusing predominantly on the Bolero range, known for their durability and practical design. Particularly when events are being held, barrier systems are crucial to control the flow of people into and out of your location.

Barrier Systems Product Range

At CaterSpeed, the range of barrier systems primarily features Bolero barrier systems, renowned for their quality and versatility. These systems are designed to suit a variety of settings, from restaurants and cafes to outdoor events and corporate functions. The Bolero range includes retractable barriers, which are ideal for managing queues and directing foot traffic, and rope barriers, perfect for creating a more elegant, VIP-style sectioning. Options like the Bolero Red Twist Barrier Rope and Bolero Polished Barrier with Black Strap are available from the CaterSpeed site, ensuring a good range of products for all uses.

Features And Benefits Of Barrier Systems

The Bolero barrier systems at CaterSpeed are equipped with features that make them an essential component in many catering settings. These systems are designed for easy assembly and disassembly, providing flexibility in layout and storage. The retractable barriers offer a convenient and efficient way to manage large crowds, while the rope barriers add a touch of elegance and exclusivity to any area. If you are looking for a more sturdy option that is designed to be placed and stay put until taken down, look at the Bolero green canvas barrier as an option.

Buy Barrier Systems At CaterSpeed

Purchasing Bolero barrier systems from CaterSpeed offers numerous advantages. As a supplier of catering appliances and furniture, CaterSpeed understands the need for durable and functional barrier solutions in various catering environments, such as social distancing barriers. Customers can choose from a wide selection of Bolero products, ensuring they find the perfect match for their specific requirements and style preferences. The versatility and aesthetic appeal of these barrier systems make them suitable for a wide range of events and settings, adding value beyond their practical use.