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Bolero Wooden High Chairs

Bolero Wooden High Chair (CJ588)

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£62.75 (£75.30 inc. VAT)
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£62.75 (£75.30 inc. VAT)
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High Chairs

High chairs are key accessories that can be highly useful regardless of what catering service you may provide. Should you want to be able to accommodate children for your environment, these pieces of furniture ensure you are fully equipped.

High Chairs Product Range

The range of high chairs presents a number of different options, with a good number of these stemming from the manufacturers over at Bolero. These are specialists when it comes to creating functional yet stylish pieces of furniture, with this applying to the products at hand as well as their collection of wooden side chairs and steel chairs also.
The Bolero Wooden High Chair is one prime example of the products within tis range. With a sturdy frame, polished finish and integrated safety measures, this product can be ideal for seating children securely, all whilst remaining lightweight.

Features And Benefits Of High Chairs

When it comes to high chairs, safety is one of the key priorities. Thanks to these products having built in features such as harnesses, stable bases and smooth materials, you can have confidence that any children seated in any of these high chairs will remain both safe and secure.

As children tend to be a but messier than more etiquette aware adults, high chairs are also extremely easy to clean and maintain, with this once again being attributed to the smooth but durable plastics used in their creation.

Although these are not your traditional chairs, high chairs still feature ergonomic, functional designs that are also minimalist, meaning they can still suit any intended ambiance for the settings they are used in.

Buy High Chairs At CaterSpeed

To keep your event prepared for any toddlers or children, the range of high chairs at CaterSpeed have you covered. Each of the ones offered has the same characteristics as we have already touched upon, all whilst staying cost-effective solutions regardless of environment you may need these products for.