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Leaflet and Card Holders

1-3 A4 Leaflet Holder (CB589)

£5.19 (£6.23 inc. VAT)

Leaflet and Card Holders

A4 Leaflet Holder (CB590)

£8.96 (£10.75 inc. VAT)

Leaflet and Card Holders

A5 Leaflet Holder (CB588)

£6.11 (£7.33 inc. VAT)

Bolero Lobby Trolleys

Bolero Black Luggage Rack (GR397)

£41.25 (£49.50 inc. VAT)

Bolero Lobby Trolleys

Bolero Lobby Handtruck (CF135)

£380.88 (£457.06 inc. VAT)
£53.28 (£63.94 inc. VAT)

Guest and Appointment Books

Castelli Black Restaurant Diary (DL482)

£37.70 (£45.24 inc. VAT)

Guest and Appointment Books

Castelli Red Restaurant Diary (DL481)

£37.70 (£45.24 inc. VAT)

Hotel Bedroom Accessories

Electrolux myPRO Ironer (CW410)

Please Allow 1 - 2 Working Days for Delivery

£2,150.54 (£2,580.65 inc. VAT)

Please Allow 2-3 Weeks for Delivery

£184.91 (£221.89 inc. VAT)

Hotel Furniture

Welcome to the distinguished selection of hotel furniture at CaterSpeed, where we blend elegance with functionality in every piece. Our collection is thoughtfully crafted to meet the diverse demands of the hospitality industry. Each item in our range is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a blend of aesthetic appeal, comfort, and enduring quality, designed to elevate the look and feel of your hotel space.

Hotel Furniture Range

Our hotel furniture range is a testament to variety and style, ideal for outfitting hotel rooms, lobbies, or dining areas with a touch of sophistication. The range includes luxurious bed frames, elegant headboards, sleek sofas, and ergonomic chairs, each curated to complement the unique ambiance of your hotel. We take pride in offering custom solutions, ensuring that our furniture aligns perfectly with your hotel’s theme and decor, making every corner of your establishment a testament to style and comfort.

Features And Benefits Of Hotel Furniture

The durability of our hotel furniture is a cornerstone of our collection, ensuring each piece withstands the daily demands of a bustling hotel environment. But durability doesn’t come at the expense of style and elegance. Each furniture piece is a work of art, designed to make your space look inviting and sophisticated. Comfort is paramount in our designs, as we understand the importance of providing your guests with an environment that supports relaxation and ease.

Our hotel furniture range is versatile, catering to different areas of your hotel, from the tranquility of guest rooms to the social buzz of lounges and dining areas. We also specialize in customization, offering bespoke furniture solutions tailored to your specific design and functionality requirements. Moreover, our hotel furniture is designed with ease of maintenance in mind, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for your guests.

Buy Hotel Furniture At CaterSpeed

Selecting the right furniture is key to creating an inviting and memorable atmosphere in your hotel. At CaterSpeed, we are dedicated to offering you top-quality hotel furniture that perfectly balances style, comfort, and durability. Explore our extensive collection and find the ideal pieces to enhance your hotel’s interior.