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Anti Slip Chopping Board Matting (C254)

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For the most part, utensils are essential components in any kitchen setting, and they play a pivotal role in food preparation, cooking, and serving in all circumstances. At CaterSpeed, there is a complex range of utensil products that can all be integral to a kitchen. You can explore the range of products including cutting boards, sauce bottles, and many more, on this page.

Utensils Product Range

CaterSpeed’s range of utensils is comprehensive and is designed to meet the varied needs of cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs alike. If you are looking to occupy some kitchen and storage space with some professional tools and utensils, there are no better options than these.

Some of the key products sold by CaterSpeed from their utensils range include tongs, wooden chopping boards, and Araven squeeze sauce bottles. Tongs are essential for safely and hygienically handling food, whether it’s pulling things off a tray, placing things on a heated pan, or just handling raw meats that would otherwise require gloves or a thorough wash of the hands.

Wooden chopping boards, while not great for raw meat, are ideal for vegetables and are durable while being soft on knife blades. These chopping boards come in various sizes, which fit different workspace requirements.

Araven squeeze sauce bottles are just one example of sauce equipment sold by CaterSpeed, and they provide a convenient solution for both storing and serving various sauces, ensuring precision portion control and maintaining freshness.

Features And Benefits Of Utensils

The utensils at CaterSpeed boast several features that enhance their functionality and user experience. Catering tongs are designed with ergonomic grips and locking mechanisms for easy use and storage. Wooden chopping boards are crafted from high-quality wood, offering durability and a natural aesthetic to the kitchen. The Araven squeeze sauce bottles are made from food-safe materials and are designed for easy cleaning and refilling. All of these benefits also apply to the range of products we have scattered across site as well, including our pastry and baking equipment.

Buy Utensils At CaterSpeed

As described, CaterSpeed is an ideal destination for purchasing kitchen utensils. Their extensive product range, including tongs, wooden chopping boards, and Araven sauce dispensers, caters to a wide array of culinary needs. CaterSpeed’s focus on quality ensures that their utensils are both functional and durable, suitable for the demanding environment of professional kitchens, yet perfect for home use as well.