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Rubbermaid Utility Trolleys

Rubbermaid Chambermaid Trolley (CF100)

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£1,043.23 (£1,251.88 inc. VAT)
£205.45 (£246.54 inc. VAT)
£240.79 (£288.95 inc. VAT)
£245.80 (£294.96 inc. VAT)

Rubbermaid Trolley Bins

Rubbermaid Refuse Bin (J657)

£69.03 (£82.84 inc. VAT)
£339.35 (£407.22 inc. VAT)
£339.35 (£407.22 inc. VAT)

We offer an extensive selection of Rubbermaid Utility Trolleys in the Kitchen Storage Trolleys and Shelving category. These high-quality trolleys are designed to streamline your catering operations in the UK, providing efficient solutions for transporting supplies and equipment. Rubbermaid Utility Trolleys are known for their durability, practicality, and ease of use, making them an ideal choice for busy kitchens and catering environments. With Caterspeed’s commitment to rapid delivery, you can count on swift access to these versatile trolleys, ensuring your kitchen remains organized and efficient in serving your customers. Browse our collection and elevate your catering game with Rubbermaid Utility Trolleys.