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Bottle Stands & Brackets

Some bar supplies are not only used for functionality but also used in order to add an extra touch of style to your catering service. An example of a product range that meets these criteria perfectly is the bar stands and bar brackets collection. These serve important roles in a plethora of hospitality environments and can be long-lasting fixtures for your catering operations.

Bottle Stands & Brackets Product Range

The one-gallon round bracket is one of the most standard bottle stands and brackets, with this being able to be used in a range of hospitality environments. Due to its size, it can accommodate many different types of bottles. The four-bottle wall rack performs a similar role. However, this can accommodate numerous bottles in the same fixture.

There are a number of adjustable bottle stands and bottle brackets within this range, too, with a number of these coming from manufacturer Olympia. Their options feature clasps that can easily be adjusted to fit the different sizes of bottles, with these also securing bottles impressively despite their adjustable nature. These allow the user to display their bottles alongside the range of glassware that makes up their beverage options behind a bar.

Features And Benefits Of Bottle Stands & Brackets

One thing that is applicable to all of the different bottle stands and brackets is their durability and stability. Due to the high-quality materials used in their construction, these products can hold bottles securely without the risk of them tipping over or being insatiable. These wall-mounted brackets and stands also allow you to optimise the space of your bar equipment, saving counter space efficiently.

The overall stylishness of the bottle stands, and bottle brackets available is another standout characteristic of these products. Depending on the ambience or aesthetic of your bar, these products can act as stylish ways to display your products that don’t distract.

Versatility is a key benefit provided by the range of bottle stands and brackets. Due to their universal design, they can be utilised in a vast array of settings. Whether your beverage service operates within a casual bar or a more professional event, these are suitable options to meet your hospitality needs.

Buy Bottle Stands & Brackets At CaterSpeed

For any bottle stands or bottle brackets you may need, CaterSpeed has you covered with a wide array of options. Every one of these manages to maintain a cost-effective price point, something which only compounds on top of the host of other benefits we have just touched upon.