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Ice Buckets & Crushers

APS Bottle Cooler 130mm (FT186)

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Ice Buckets & Coolers

Ice buckets and coolers are highly effective solutions that can be used to keep drinks cool and refreshing in a range of different catering operations. These come in a number of shapes, sizes and overall designs, however, each ensures that beverage service can remain on point.

Ice Buckets & Coolers Product Range

The ice buckets and coolers range boasts a wide selection of products coming from differing brands and manufacturers. One of the leading producers of catering tableware and bar supplies in Beaumont, with them also having their own specialist ice butchers. A number of these have high capacities and lids, being able to hold large volumes of drinks securely.

Olympia, another established manufacturer, also has some ice buckets and coolers on offer, with all of these being polished, highly efficient solutions when it comes to keeping your drinks cool. Not only this but they also present some pieces of bar equipment like ice tongs that could be just as useful.

Features And Benefits Of Ice Buckets & Coolers

As you would expect from ice buckets and coolers, the main benefit they provide is ensuring that drinks stay at the ideal refreshing temperature.Regardless of the nature of an event, these bar supplies are able to keep drinks cold for prolonged periods of time. Not only are the materials used in construction capable of starting cold, but they are also highly durable, being able to withstand consistent use in a range of catering events.

From casual events to more formal gatherings, ice buckets and coolers are extremely versatile, being effective options that can easily carry drinks to and from places. They are easy to transport, making them ideal for a range of activities, with some of these even providing handles to make transport of these products even easier.

The sleek designs of ice buckets and coolers also mean that they do not distract from the aesthetics or ambiance of your catering environment either. Due to the range of different designs and shapes, you can even select one that best suits your desired style.

Buy Ice Buckets & Coolers At CaterSpeed

Ensure your drinks and beverages remain chilled to perfection thanks to the range of ice buckets and coolers available at CaterSpeed. Each one of the products housed on sites offers the benefits touched upon prior, with every one of these being able to be a cost effective solution thanks to them maintaining affordable price points.