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Bar Ice Scoops

Designed specifically for the handling of ice within a range of different catering settings, bar ice scoops can help ensure any drinks are chilled to perfection. These simple bar supplies can be utilised in most hospitality environments, meaning every sip of a drink can be a refreshing experience for your patrons.

Bar Ice Scoops Product Range

Bar ice scoops come in a whole range of different shapes, sizes and materials. However, each one of these can be an effective solution, especially when it comes to beverage service. The clear plastic ice scoop from Beaumont is just one example, with this being capable of holding up to 7 ounces of ice, this being more than enough to refresh any drink.

If sleek aesthetics is something you aim to prioritise with your tableware & bar service, then there are a host of other bar ice scoops designed using metal. The Olympia ice scoop, for example, uses a professional-looking option that is more sterile in its design, something which exudes a little more professionalism when compared to the plastic options. There is also an ice scoop with perforations that can allow smaller flakes of ice to fall through if that is something you prefer.

Features And Benefits Of Bar Ice Scoops

Something that not only applies to bar ice scoops but bar accessories in general is their ergonomic design. Despite the ice scoops differing in shape and design, all of their handles are easy to handle, meaning you can efficiently handle ice when it comes to drink preparation. Although it may not seem too consequential, the design of these products can streamline the whole bartending process in terms of both speed and precision.

The designs of these bar scoops also allow them to be extremely versatile, being able to be utilised in a whole array of hospitality environments. As well as this, these bar ice scoops are also impressively durable, maintaining high standards even throughout consistent use. Only compacting on top of the durable design is their hygienic construction, being easily cleaned and maintained overall.

Buy Bar Ice Scoops At CaterSpeed

CaterSpeed has a wide selection of different bar ice scoops available on-site, with every option possessing the same characteristics and features that have just been discussed. Despite the impact that these can have on the functionality of your drink service and the overall experience for customers, each option still remains at an affordable price point.