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Monin Syrups

Monin syrups are ideal ingredients should you wish to diversify your cocktail offerings. With a wide range of palettes out there, these bar supplies are able to craft various different concoctions brimming with unique flavours.

Monin Syrups Product Range

If mixology is something you wish to elevate in terms of your catering service, then the Monin syrups range has you covered, with each product presenting its own distinctive flavours. Compared to the Funkin purees, these products feature notes that are sweeter as opposed to being primarily fruit based.

One of the more standout Monin syrups is the Monin caramel syrup. This appetising option can add an extra sweet touch to any cocktail, with the same thing applying to the hazelnut, bubblegum, butterscotch, honeycomb and vanilla syrups.
If you are wanting to add an extra touch of spice to your cocktails, then the Monin cinnamon syrup can be another flavourful option to help create inventive beverages. Some alternate flavours that can have the same effect include the pumpkin spice, almond, chai tea and gingerbread versions.

Features And Benefits Of Monin Syrups

Should prominent flavour profiles be something you are aiming to add to your bartending arsenal, then Monin syrups can easily meet these requirements. Thanks to there being so many authentic flavours available, each one can add a signature touch to the cocktails you create. In turn, this facilitates more experimentation, allowing you to diversify your offerings and tailor your drinks to fit certain seasons.

Thanks to all of these Monin syrups coming bottled, these cocktail ingredients can remain fresh, preserving the flavours over longer periods of use. The size of these bottles is also a benefit of its own, with there being plenty of actual syrup to last and add burst of flavour to your catering services.

Buy Monin Syrups At CaterSpeed

On our CaterSpeed site, there is a whole array of different Monin syrups to choose from, and like we mentioned earlier, each one can inject a flavour filled touch to bartending and mixology centred operations. In addition to all of this, these products stay affordable, something which is impressive considering the revolutionary impact these syrups could have on your beverage offerings.