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Cash Handling

Cash handling solutions are paramount when dealing with physical cash based transactions within your catering service. With secure locking and impressively strong compositions, these are suitable bar supplies that can also be used in a whole range of other hospitality settings.

Cash Handling Product Range

If you are wanting a cash handling solution that is both small and effective, then the Phoenix Vela security safe 17ltr is a highly suitable option. Due to its smaller size, its is capable of being positioned safely and securely in areas with restricted space, tucked away from view. If you are needing a little more capacity though in terms of this type of safe, then the Phoenix Vela security safe 34ltr is more than adequate, being much larger in size but being just as secure as the aforementioned option.

Features And Benefits Of Cash Handling

A benefit that applies to all cash handling options is their strong exteriors. Constructed using highly durable metals, this means that these cash management solutions can tolerate any potential external forces, hence protecting the contents situated inside. When managing cash, security is paramount, and by implementing one of these cash handling products, it means you can have confidence that your assets are protected.

Whether your catering service is a small store or tailored towards larger events, these cash handling products are extremely versatile and can meet the unique requirements of various different operations. Even though these have secure locking mechanisms, these products still present user friendly designs, something which could impact how seamless your operations are.

Buy Cash Handling At CaterSpeed

For any cash handling options, we here at CaterSpeed have you covered. If your wanting to optimise your cash management system or just have a secure area in which you can keep your assets during operations, these products are ideal. Not only do they offer all the benefits that we have already discussed, but they also remain cost effective for a whole range of budgets.