Melamine and Polycarbonate

Melamine and Polycarbonate tableware, available at CaterSpeed, are modern alternatives to traditional restaurant crockery, offering durability and versatility for a variety of dining settings. There is a huge range of different tableware pieces and items that can be paired with these melamine and polycarbonate items. You can browse the full range on this page for yourself.

Melamine and Polycarbonate Product Range

CaterSpeed’s product range includes Carlisle Melamine Crockery and Kristallon Melamine Crockery, both known for their robustness and appealing designs. Additionally, they offer Kristallon Polycarbonate items, which are particularly valued for their durability and lightweight properties. All of these pieces of restaurant crockery are ideal for high-standard and fast-paced catering services where moving around quickly and efficiently is vital, and the risk of damaging tableware is much higher.

Features And Benefits Of Melamine and Polycarbonate

Melamine and Polycarbonate tableware are celebrated for their break-resistant qualities, making them an ideal choice for busy restaurants, cafeterias, and outdoor dining areas. The lightweight nature of these materials, coupled with their resistance to chipping and cracking, contributes to their practicality in high-traffic dining environments.

The aesthetic appeal of these materials is another key benefit. Both Melamine and Polycarbonate come in various designs and colours, allowing them to blend seamlessly with existing furniture and décor themes. They offer the look of more traditional materials, such as porcelain and glass, but with added durability and ease of maintenance.

Buy Melamine and Polycarbonate At CaterSpeed

CaterSpeed offers a diverse range of Melamine and Polycarbonate tableware, including the durable Carlisle Melamine Crockery, the versatile Kristallon Melamine Crockery, and the robust Kristallon Polycarbonate items. Their collection caters to the needs of various dining establishments looking for long-lasting, attractive, and practical tableware solutions. To explore the full range and make a purchase, visit CaterSpeed’s website.