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Steelite Craft

Steelite Craft is a distinctive and popular range of tableware produced by Steelite International, a renowned manufacturer in the hospitality industry. Embodying a hand-crafted, artisanal aesthetic, this collection is designed to bring a rustic and authentic feel to dining experiences. The Craft line is inspired by hand-crafted, simple country wares made by generations of potters over hundreds of years. The range is characterised by its rich, earthy colours and textural glazes, which are applied by hand, ensuring that each piece is unique. CaterSpeed is one of the top suppliers of these products.

Steelite Craft Product Range

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Features And Benefits Of Steelite Craft

The features of Steelite Craft products include their hard-finished nature, which means no two pieces are exactly alike and offer a unique and artisanal feel to each product and item. The steelite craft tableware is made from a specially formulated body, which makes it incredibly durable and resistant to both chipping and breakage. Not only this, but the glossy finish makes it easy to keep clean, so the cleaning and hygiene are easy to maintain.

The benefits of using Steelite Craft in both commercial and home settings include its exceptional durability, which reduces the need for frequent replacements and ensures long-term cost-effectiveness. The unique, artisanal appearance of each piece enhances the presentation of food, making it particularly appealing to chefs and restaurateurs who want to create a memorable dining experience. The variety of colours and textures available in the Steelite Craft range allows for flexibility in table setting and design, enabling customization to suit different décor styles and preferences.

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