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Buffalo Ice Crushers

Buffalo Ice Crusher (CH919)

£296.04 (£355.25 inc. VAT)

Caterlite Ice Crushers

Caterlite Ice Crusher (CT057)

£94.72 (£113.66 inc. VAT)
£679.96 (£815.95 inc. VAT)

Please Allow 3-5 Working Days for Delivery

£791.20 (£949.44 inc. VAT)

Waring Ice Crushers

Waring Ice Crusher IC20K (F234)

£593.40 (£712.08 inc. VAT)

As your premier destination for catering appliances, we present a range of high-performance ice machines and ice crushers designed to elevate your hospitality experience. Our ice machines deliver the frosty refreshment you need, while our ice crushers ensure quick and efficient ice preparation for your beverages. Perfect for bars, restaurants, and event catering, these appliances combine reliability and speed. With a focus on rapid product delivery throughout the UK, makes it effortless to keep your customers cool and content. Explore our catering appliances today, and stay ahead in the world of ice-making convenience.