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Cleaning Chemicals

Our comprehensive collection of cleaning solutions is meticulously curated to fulfil all your cleaning and hygiene requirements, ensuring your business maintains a pristine and sanitary environment.

Cleaning Chemicals Product Range

Understanding the varied cleaning and hygiene needs of our customers, CaterSpeed offers an expansive range of cleaning chemicals. Our selection encompasses multipurpose cleaners that are versatile and effective across a range of surfaces, disinfectants with high-strength formulations ideal for healthcare and food service industries, and floor cleaners specially formulated for different types of flooring to ensure thorough cleaning without causing damage. We also provide glass and window cleaners for a streak-free finish and specialty cleaners for specific needs like grease removal and stainless steel polishing.

A popular item is our premium washing up liquid, with these cleaning chemicals being expertly formulated to tackle the toughest of kitchen challenges. This high-efficiency washing up liquid is your ideal kitchen companion, ensuring your dishes, glasses, and utensils emerge sparkling clean with minimal effort.

Another popular product is our versatile Multi-Purpose Trigger Spray Bottles, the perfect tool for all your cleaning, gardening, and DIY needs. These high-quality pieces of cleaning equipment are designed to offer a reliable and efficient spraying solution, making your tasks easier and more effective.

Features And Benefits Of Cleaning Chemicals

Our cleaning chemicals are characterised by their high efficiency, ensuring thorough cleaning with minimal effort. Designed with user safety in mind, these products reduce the risk of harm during use. We also offer eco-friendly options that provide environmentally responsible choices without compromising cleaning power. These concentrated formulas are not only cost-effective, offering more uses per bottle, but also versatile, suitable for a wide range of applications from kitchens to bathrooms and beyond.

Buy Cleaning Chemicals At CaterSpeed

Opting for CaterSpeed for your cleaning chemical needs means choosing quality, efficiency, and value. We can offer you expert advice to help you select the best products and other catering appliances to suit for your specific needs, as well as providing fast delivery to ensure timely receipt of your products. In addition to all of this, all of our options are priced competitively, something made more impressive as there aren’t no compromises on quality either.