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APS Polycarbonate Gastronorm

APS Polycarbonate 1-2 Gastronorm Lid (FJ657)

£28.09 (£33.71 inc. VAT)

APS Polycarbonate Gastronorm

APS Polycarbonate 1/3 Gastronorm Lid (FJ659)

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£20.61 (£24.73 inc. VAT)
£30.09 (£36.11 inc. VAT)
£46.14 (£55.37 inc. VAT)
£58.18 (£69.82 inc. VAT)
£27.08 (£32.50 inc. VAT)
£39.12 (£46.94 inc. VAT)

Food Storage

Food storage is a critical aspect of any kitchen, be it in a home or a professional catering environment. Proper storage solutions not only ensure the freshness and quality of food but also contribute significantly to kitchen organisation and efficiency. CaterSpeed offers an extensive range of food storage products, including Araven food containers, defrosting trays, and Cambro food storage solutions, each designed to meet the diverse needs of modern kitchens and catering appliances.

Food Storage Product Range

CaterSpeed has a comprehensive food storage range that is full of products from various aspects of food preservation and safety. One such product is the Araven food containers that are known for their airtight seals and clear, durable construction, making them ideal for either wet or dry food storage.

Another option is the Cambro food storage products, which are a staple in professional kitchens around the UK. These products are ideal for anything that needs robust and versatile options, namely bulk food storage, ranging from dry food all the way to meal prep.

Another style of product, defrosting trays, are an innovative addition and offer a safe and efficient way to thaw frozen food, preserving its texture and nutritional value. These products are ideal for bulk food production, particularly in a home setting, as defrosted restaurant food is not as sellable.

Features And Benefits Of Food Storage

The food storage products at CaterSpeed come with features designed to enhance the functionality and practicality of kitchen storage. Araven food containers are designed for stackability, saving valuable space while keeping contents visible for easy identification. Their airtight seals help maintain the freshness of the food, reducing waste and preserving flavour.

The aforementioned defrosting trays are engineered to speed up the thawing process without the need for electricity or chemicals, making these storage utensils an eco-friendly choice, and the Cambro food storage solutions are known for their rugged construction, capable of withstanding the rigours of a busy kitchen and suitable for both hot and cold storage.

Buy Food Storage At CaterSpeed

Purchasing food storage solutions from CaterSpeed offers numerous advantages. As a supplier specialising in catering appliances as well as kitchen and storage solutions, CaterSpeed provides products that combine durability with practical design. Customers can choose from a wide range of options, tailored to fit various kitchen sizes and styles.