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Cleaning Supplies & Equipment

70mm Stand Pipe For 250mm Deep Sink (GC590)

£36.12 (£43.34 inc. VAT)

Cleaning Supplies & Equipment

70mm Standpipe For 300mm Deep Sink (GC591)

£36.12 (£43.34 inc. VAT)

Cleaning Supplies & Equipment

80mm Stand Pipe For 250mm Deep Sink (GC592)

£36.12 (£43.34 inc. VAT)

Cleaning Supplies & Equipment

80mm Stand Pipe For 300mm Deep Sink (GC593)

£36.12 (£43.34 inc. VAT)

Cleaning Supplies & Equipment

Aquajet Heavy Duty Pre-Rinse Spray (CC258)

£280.92 (£337.10 inc. VAT)
£78.25 (£93.90 inc. VAT)
£78.25 (£93.90 inc. VAT)

Cleaning Supplies & Equipment

Basix Stainless Steel Hand Wash Basin (CC264)

Please Allow 5-7 Working Days for Delivery

£166.54 (£199.85 inc. VAT)

Please Allow 2-3 Working Days for Delivery

£638.49 (£766.19 inc. VAT)
£185.61 (£222.73 inc. VAT)

Please Allow 8-10 Weeks for Delivery

£1,127.02 (£1,352.42 inc. VAT)

Please Allow 10-12 Weeks for Delivery

£1,041.55 (£1,249.86 inc. VAT)

Tables And Sinks

Tables and sinks are fundamental components in any kitchen setup, whether it’s a small home kitchen or a large commercial catering environment. Their design, functionality, and quality play a pivotal role in kitchen operations, impacting everything from food preparation to kitchen storage. CaterSpeed is an excellent choice for purchasing these essential items.

Tables And Sinks Product Range

The product range of tables and sinks is diverse, catering to various needs and spaces. In the realm of tables, options range from compact, foldable models suitable for small kitchens to large, sturdy stainless-steel worktables for commercial catering environments. These tables are often designed to support heavy kitchen and storage and equipment, with some even coming with built-in storage solutions like shelves or drawers.

Sinks, on the other hand, vary from single-basin models to multi-compartment sinks, each designed for different uses. Smaller hand wash basins are essential for maintaining hygiene, while large, deep sinks are ideal for washing tableware and catering appliances. Specialised sinks, such as those with integrated garbage disposal units or additional spray nozzles, cater to more specific kitchen needs.

Features And Benefits Of Tables And Sinks

The features of tables and sinks are designed to enhance both functionality and efficiency in the kitchen. Tables often come with adjustable heights, scratch-resistant surfaces, and easy-to-clean materials, making them versatile and durable. Sinks typically feature high-quality stainless steel construction, offering resistance to rust and easy maintenance. Some sinks also include sound-dampening pads to reduce noise during use.

The benefits of these tables and sinks are substantial. They provide a sturdy and hygienic workspace, crucial for preparing meals safely and efficiently. Adequate sink facilities ensure that cleanliness is maintained, a critical aspect in any food preparation area. The durability of these products ensures long-term cost-effectiveness, an important consideration for both home cooks and professional caterers.

Buy Tables And Sinks At CaterSpeed

CaterSpeed is an excellent destination for purchasing tables and sinks. Their selection includes a wide range of products, catering to different sizes and styles of kitchens. Customers can find everything from basic models for small kitchen storage needs to advanced options for large-scale catering operations, with offerings for things such as the pastry and baking sector.

CaterSpeed’s commitment to quality and customer service makes it a reliable choice for kitchen equipment. By shopping at CaterSpeed, customers can expect high-quality products, competitive pricing, and knowledgeable customer support. Whether it’s for upgrading tableware washing facilities or enhancing kitchen storage and preparation areas, we offer solutions that combine functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.