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Bottle Chillers & Wine Coolers

Aps Acrylic Wine And Champagne Cooler (C238)

£14.97 (£17.96 inc. VAT)
£16.86 (£20.23 inc. VAT)
£36.53 (£43.84 inc. VAT)

Please Allow 2-3 Weeks for Delivery

£79.47 (£95.36 inc. VAT)

Please Allow 2-3 Weeks for Delivery

£31.21 (£37.45 inc. VAT)

Please Allow 2-3 Weeks for Delivery

£15.13 (£18.16 inc. VAT)
£74.75 (£89.70 inc. VAT)
£12.32 (£14.78 inc. VAT)
£15.20 (£18.24 inc. VAT)

Vacu Vin Rapid Bottle Chillers

Vacu Vin Rapid Wine And Champagne Cooler (CD411)

£22.72 (£27.26 inc. VAT)
£13.42 (£16.10 inc. VAT)

Bottle Chillers & Wine Coolers

Cooling solutions such as bottle chillers and wine coolers can cater to a whole range of different occasions when it comes to maintaining refreshing drinks throughout an event. Although simple in design, these bar supplies can be used in a range of different settings, being both stylish and functional as a whole.

Bottle Chillers & Wine Coolers Product Range

Amongst our tableware & bar supplies, the Acrylic Wine And Champagne Cooler is one of the most versatile options for bottle chillers and wine coolers. Not only can this product efficiently keep any large bottles cold, but it can also do so in a stylish way thanks to the casing’s sleek, clear design. The same thing can be applied directly to the polished stainless steel wine and champagne cooler, with the only difference being in relation to its design, instead boasting a full metal exterior.

For more stylised bottle chillers and wine coolers, this range meets these exact needs as these are ones designed in the shapes of bowls and stands. In addition, there are also certain options that are designed in the form of sleeves as opposed to actual holders. Those looking to keep drinks chilled once they are poured from the bottle may like the range of ice scoops that we have available.

Features And Benefits Of Bottle Chillers & Wine Coolers

Something that applies to all of the different bottle chillers and wine coolers is their durable construction. Each of these pieces of catering tableware is able to withstand the everyday operations of a bar or restaurant, all whilst maintaining sleek aesthetics that can suit a whole range of hospitality settings. This versatility is another standout benefit, as the varying aesthetics allow you to choose one that suits your establishment, whether it be a residential home or commercial venue.

However, one of the most paramount characteristics of these bottle chillers and wine coolers is their ability to retain cool temperatures for extended periods of time. Thanks to some of these options, having double-walled insulation means customers can enjoy their events, being able to return to a cool beverage whenever desired.

Buy Bottle Chillers & Wine Coolers At CaterSpeed

For any bottle chillers or wine coolers you may require, we here at CaterSpeed have a number of options which can help elevate the experience of your catering service. All the benefits mentioned above can be applied to the products on site; however, what is most impressive is that all of the options maintain affordable price points, making them a cost-effective solution for an array of hospitality environments.