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Cocktail Shakers

One of the tableware & bar tools that any bartender should have at hand in order to create memorable and creative drinks for their customers is cocktail shakers. Whether your catering service is tailored towards a professional establishment or more casual in nature, the range of cocktail shakers can accommodate all your drink-making requirements for a range of settings.

Cocktail Shakers Product Range

The cocktail shaker range has a whole array of differing products, with the Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker option being one of the more standardised variations that are universal. Due to its sleek metallic aesthetic, it adds a touch of professionalism in regard to your mixology whilst also being 750ml in size, allowing you to pour multiple drinks from one shaker. Like with Champagne Buckets or wine coolers, the metallic style of these cocktail mixers provides an elegant finish to any bars presentation.

Beaumont has a whole range of cocktail shakers, however, they are not the only manufacturer behind these high quality beverage service utensils. Another manufacturer is Olympia, with these having a collection of specified shakers, one of the prime examples being the Olympia Boston Shaker Can. Once again, this is a universal tool that allows you to take your drink-making endeavours to the next level.

The cocktail shakers themselves are not the only utensils within this product range either, as there is a collection of mixing glasses as well. Each of these comes in its own unique shape, size and general design, meaning there is likely to be one of these bar supplies to meet your bartending requirements.

Features And Benefits Of Cocktail Shakers

Cocktail shakers have a plethora of unique benefits, with one of the most standout ones being their overall durability. Due to the high-quality materials used in their construction, these boast impressive lifespans, being robust enough to withstand constant use within catering environments.

Due to the role cocktail shakers perform, these allow you to adapt diverse cocktail recipes to provide your catering service or bar with exciting new offerings. The versatility of these cocktail accessories means they can be used in various catering settings, too, with their ease of use accommodating both novice bartenders and seasoned mixologists.

Buy Cocktail Shakers At CaterSpeed

For any cocktail shakers your catering operations may require, we here at CaterSpeed offer a number of different options, all of which proudly boasts the benefits and other characteristics which we have just discussed. What is most impressive, though, is that these stay cost-effective and affordable as a whole.