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Cocktail Accessories

To create the perfect cocktails, having the right cocktail accessories is essential. This collection of bar supplies can really innovate your mixology game thanks to the unique roles each utensil presents. Each product is designed specifically to enhance both the effectiveness of your bartending as well as enhancing the art of your cocktail presentation.

Cocktail Accessories Product Range

One of the most popular forms of cocktail accessories in our tableware & bar range are all the different types of cocktail makers. These are especially useful when it comes to taking your beverage service to the next level. With their sleek metallic aesthetics, these can help take your bartending to the next level, as well as allow you to create a whole range of new and exciting concoctions for your customers.

Another popular utensil in the cocktail accessories range that could be used in tandem with cocktail shakers is the Beaumont cocktail spoon range. These tools, although small in size, can streamline the whole process of making cocktails, with each of these coming in a different colour to suit the aesthetic of your bar. There is also a collection of Beaumont muddlers!

Features And Benefits Of Cocktail Accessories

The materials used in cocktail accessories are impressively durable; hence, they are robust. Due to this construction, they can withstand constant use when called upon for beverage service, something which is highly desirable with any product.

The design of these products is not only strong but also stylish, meaning they can be aesthetically pleasing additions to your bartending arsenal. Due to the different colours and textures used, you can tailor the accessories you use to suit the theme and ambience of your catering environment. Thanks to the various designs of cocktail accessories, they are extremely versatile in terms of the environments they can be used.

One thing that is also highly important in the realm of bartending is hygiene, which is why these cocktail accessories are easy to clean and maintain as a whole. Furthermore, they are also stain and scratch-resistant, something which contributes to their longevity.

Buy Cocktail Accessories At CaterSpeed

Here at CaterSpeed, any cocktail accessories needed to fulfil any bartending or catering requirements can be found on-site. The benefits that have just been discussed can be applied to each utensil and tool within this range, with all accessories still managing to remain cost-effective and affordable overall.