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Cork Extractors & Bottle Openers

Something that is almost a necessity in the world of catering, especially in regards to bar settings, is access to cork extractors and bottle openers. Although small in size, these bar accessories are critical in ensuring service is streamlined, performing a crucial role that is often underappreciated.

Cork Extractors & Bottle Openers Product Range

One of the most standard forms of bottle openers within this range is the Beaumont Bar Blade. These come in both stainless steel and copper finishes, with these lightweight yet effective pieces of bar equipment being applicable to anyone’s bartending arsenal.

Beauomont also have their own cork extractors too, with the Beaumont Waiters Friend Corkscrew Curved product being one of their most universal offerings. This, once again, can be easily carried, allowing servers to unscrew bottles wherever they may require.

Nowadays though, there are even cork extractors and bottle openers that can be fixed into certain locations to make them more accessible. For example, the Beaumont Wall Mount Beer Bottle Opener can be attached to any wall or surface, allowing you to easily remove bottle caps from your goods with just one hand. Some of the options similar to this predict also feature catchers beneath them as well to ensure that all bottle caps are collected neatly.

Features And Benefits Of Cork Extractors & Bottle Openers

Cork extractors and bottle openers are two products that need to be relied on consistently within a catering or bar setting. As a result, these are all composed of highly durable materials, with this giving these bar supplies some impressive quality as a whole. Consequently, the robust nature of their construction can withstand daily and repetitive use within catering settings.

Whether your operations are performed in a bar, cafe or are tailored towards large events, cork extractors and bottle openers can be used in a plethora of settings. Due to their universal design, they can increase the efficiency of your service, something which is important to both your customers and operations as a whole.

Although ease of use is something that is expected from cork extractors and battle openers, this user-friendly operation can once again refine your service, making it more streamlined and efficient overall. These are also stylish in their design too, with these modern touches of convenience being aesthetic pieces of your bartending arsenal.

Buy Cork Extractors & Bottle Openers At CaterSpeed

To keep your catering service stocked up with any cork extractors and bottle openers, our CaterSpeed site has a range of options, with every one being able to boast the same benefits that have just been discussed prior. Despite the efficiency these can provide to your catering service, each of these stays affordable, which could even be considered a benefit on its own.