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ODK Purees

ODK purees are just one of many ingredients that should be part of anyone’s bartending arsenal. Just like Funkin purees and Monin syrups, these fruit based products can lead you down an avenue of bartending that is filled with flavour and creativity, regardless of the environment your catering services may be tailored towards.

ODK Purees Product Range

Some ODK purees that can add a zestful touch to your cocktail offerings are the ODK lime juice and the ODK sicilian lemon juice. Both of these add an authentic fruity kick to your cocktails, ideal for creating new and exciting beverages for your customers.

As well as these, there are a host of alternative ODK purees which also embody natural and authentic fruit based flavours, all of which can also elevate the way you create drinks. From the ODK raspberry puree all the way to the ODK coconut puree, each one can bring a sweet and distinct flavour, injecting unique aromas to your drinks also!

Features And Benefits Of ODK Purees

With cocktails all being about creating a memorable drink for your customers, ODK purees provide distinct and intense flavour profiles that can help take your cocktail making to a complete other level. Each one of these manages to capture the authentic flavours of the fruits these bar supplies represent, and in turn, you can explore more combinations within your cocktail concoctions.

Thanks to the containers these ODK purees come in as well, the flavours can stay fresh and are preserved when not in use. These can easily be resealed, allowing the burst of flavours these inject into drinks to remain consistent with every pour.

Buy ODK Purees At CaterSpeed

If you aim to bring the vibrant taste of ODK Purees to your catering operations, then we here at CaterSpeed have a plethora of their flavour filled products. Even though these syrups and purees can completely revolutionise the way you create cocktails and other drinks, they still remain affordable, yet another impressive benefit of these ingredients.