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In professional catering, the drinks served can be just as important as the food. Ensuring all drinks are received in a timely fashion and a clean glass can provide a great first impression for anyone visiting a restaurant or cafe venue. To ensure a consistent cycle of clean glasses is available at all times, the various glasswasher tools and systems we have available at CaterSpeed may be worth looking into. These labour-saving devices are fast becoming vital for any establishment looking to provide a professional catering experience!

Glasswashers Product Range

There is a great selection of glasswashers to choose from, including the Buffalo countertop system, which is great for keeping up with demand in a small cafe or micropub. These machines are electrically powered, so can be situated anywhere convenient, behind a counter or on a kitchen worktop close to a plug. Another device for keeping glasses clean in smaller venues is the Buffalo commercial glass polisher, which can provide up to 350 pristine drinking vessels per hour.

Catering venues looking to keep their stock of clean glasses up during busier periods may require larger systems like the popular Classeq G500P Glasswasher. This product can wash up to 750 glasses in an hour with an assisted self-clean and drain-down cycle included to minimise the need for maintenance during use.

Features and Benefits of Glasswashers

The advantages of implementing a glasswasher system in your catering establishment are clear. The high temperature used in these machines ensures the sanitation of all glasses, resulting in clean glassware guaranteed from each spin. The water and soap inside many glasswashers, such as the Classeq G350 Compact, can reach up to 70 deg C, protecting users from harmful bacteria and viruses.

The stainless steel exterior of these glasswasher systems provides a stylish finish when positioned in the front of house, beneath or behind a counter. Those looking for additional glass cleaning space and tools may like such other products as the Classeq pass-through dishwasher table at CaterSpeed.

Buy Glasswashers at CaterSpeed

Those looking to implement a glasswasher in their catering company can find a great variety of different machines to look through at CaterSpeed. There is a price filter feature on-site to help you find the system within budget among the range of products on site.

We also offer a great number of professional dishwashers for any catering company looking to add a quick, reliable way of cleaning plates and kitchen utensils.