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Chain Door Fly Screens

EazyZap Chain Door Fly Screen (F129)

£106.57 (£127.88 inc. VAT)
£5.53 (£6.64 inc. VAT)
£53.28 (£63.94 inc. VAT)
£71.04 (£85.25 inc. VAT)
£35.51 (£42.61 inc. VAT)
£34.33 (£41.20 inc. VAT)
£33.14 (£39.77 inc. VAT)
£10.62 (£12.74 inc. VAT)
£13.68 (£16.42 inc. VAT)

Pest Control

Ensuring a clean and pest-free environment is crucial for any business, especially in the catering and hospitality industry. At CaterSpeed, we understand the importance of effective pest control. Our range of pest control products is designed to provide reliable solutions to help you with cleaning and hygiene.

Pest Control Product Range

Our comprehensive selection of pest control products includes a variety of solutions to meet your specific needs. We offer electronic pest repellers that utilise ultrasonic technology to deter a wide range of pests without the use of chemicals. For flying insects, our insect traps and zappers are effective and easy to maintain. We also provide a variety of rodent traps and baits, ranging from simple snap traps to humane live-catch options. Additionally, our selection includes powerful and safe pest control cleaning chemicals in the form of sprays and powders, ideal for use in food-preparation areas.

Features And Benefits Of Pest Control Consumables

Our pest control products are chosen for their effectiveness, ease of use, and safety, something that can also apply to all other pieces of cleaning equipment on site. They are designed to be safe around food and in kitchen environments, ensuring quick and effective solutions to pest problems. This reduces downtime and potential health risks. The user-friendly nature of our products means they can be easily set up and maintained by your staff. Made from high-quality materials, our pest control solutions are durable and long-lasting. We also offer environmentally friendly options that are effective without harming the environment.

Buy Pest Control At CaterSpeed

Choosing the right pest control products is essential for maintaining a hygienic and safe environment. At CaterSpeed, we offer a range of high-quality pest control solutions tailored to the needs of the catering and hospitality industry. Our expert team is available to advise you on the best options for your specific requirements.